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MILK CHOCOLATE CARAMEL BITES 1.5oz are made by Freeze drying Milk Duds® Fluffy melt in your mouth explosion of crunchy, bubbly chocolate caramel.


“MILK DUD® is a registered trademark under license by The Hershey Company. SUGAR BEACH SWEETS is not associated with, endorsed by or sponsored by Hershey.”


What is Freeze Dried Candy?


Freeze Drying is when you rapidly freeze something and subject it to a high vaccum. Through the process of sublimation, all moisture/water is removed from the product thus transitioning it from a solid to a gas state. Once Moisture is removed the Candy is heated back up during a drying process in which it often changes its appearance because the sugars within the candy expand into fun funky shapes. Freeze Drying also makes the flavor of the candy much more concentrated and in some instances a completely different texture and feel to its original state. Chewy hard candy becomes light, airy and enjoyable again for those with braces or just a fun new quirky, unique experience for everyone else. 


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